Globally, publishers and corporate organizations have realized that improving user experience and user interface (UX/UI) in digital content has a deep impact on the way content is used. People today are increasingly becoming digital and everything from paying bills to shopping to learning and entertainment has moved online. A good UX/UI design creates an immersive user experience as it coherently and logically integrates the physical and digital interactions of men, machines, and processes ultimately leading to better adoption, productivity, and innovation.

Design, functionalities and interactive elements of a digital product not only deliver excellent user experiences but also add tremendous economic value to any organization. A well-reasoned and executed UX and UI play a critical role in user acquisition as well as user retention. An investment in cohesive and impactful UX and UI design brings about a high level of engagement delivers measurable commercial value to the content producer.


Integra’s customized UX and UI development services are offered across websites, web and mobile applications, and desktop software. We ensure that our UX/UI solutions keep end user’s needs in mind before, during, and after the development of the designs.

Our service range pervades all aspects of design, interface, and prototype creation, across the following industries:

  • Education/eLearning
    • Game designing for eLearning
    • Simulations
  • Corporate
    • Product design
    • Prototype building
  • Publishing
    • Layout creation for books and journals
    • Pagination with XML workflow

The Integra Advantage

The Integra Advantage - Technology expertise

Technology expertise

Coding and applications developed across multiple devices and technologies.

The Integra Advantage - Design components

Design components

Useful, Usable, Findable, Credible, Accessible, Desirable, and Valuable.

The Integra Advantage - Interface features

Interface features

Simple interface with consistency and usage of common UI elements.

The Integra Advantage - Color and Contrast

Color and Contrast

Strategic usage of color and contrast to maximize visual impact.

The Integra Advantage - Typography


Use of typography to create hierarchy and clarity.

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