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iCorrectProof is Integra’s NLP-powered on-the-cloud proofing and author correction system. With XML at the back-end and supporting user-friendly editing functions and real-time status updating, iProof reduces turnaround times drastically as all changes get reflected immediately with quality assured right at first time. Publishers enjoy the benefits of a highly efficient workflow, speed through revision stages, and realize significant cost benefits of an accelerated production cycle. Customizable Author–PE workflows, easy navigation, automatic file backup, and instant output generation makes iProof a powerful asset to a publisher’s production teams. Offered as both an online and offline solution, this system has a high author acceptance rate.

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Key Features

  • Advanced editing capabilities and easy navigation

  • Integrated spell-check feature

  • Managing author queries and supports attachments

  • Tracks changes made with provision for comments during reviews

  • Generate revised typeset PDFs at any time