Driving efficiency through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

iLancer helps effectively connect, onboard, collaborate with, and assign work to freelance publishing talent worldwide. Based on the cloud, iLancer makes it easy for organizations to manage all aspects of freelancer engagement, such as skill- level evaluation, work assignment, and engaging them and issuing invoices. With an easy-to-use UI and third-party tool integration flexibility, iLancer is sure to boost your performance and reduce costs in managing on-demand resources.

iLancer uses RPA framework for identifying and auto-allocating available freelance talent to appropriate projects based on their availability, track record of delivering projects on-time, ratings on quality, etc. This capability provides dramatic improvements in cycle time and productivity in the entire freelance management business process.


Increased productivity and streamlined work engagement process for companies and freelancers

Reduced time for on-boarding, assigning work, monitoring progress and invoicing

Easy oversight and project control through simple, powerful & intuitive dashboards

Reduced operational cost through reduced administrative workload for all stakeholders involved

Improved freelancer engagement and fosters positive relationship through simplified processes

Improved cross-team collaboration through visibility of freelance talent across the organization

Key Features

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