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iPMP – Integra’s Project Management Platform

iPMP is Integra’s comprehensive project management platform for publishers to have control and visibility of the production processes – from editorial to final file submission to online channels or printers. This project management solution is based on industry best practices and Integra’s more than two decades of experience of managing thousands of projects for publishers across segments. The platform’s powerful features allow users to foresee and predict risks in advance. With the iPMP, Project Managers can easily plan, coordinate, and control the complex and diverse activities within publishing projects.

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Key Features

  • Automated planning using templates and customizable project-specific templates

  • Dashboard analysis that provides a bird’s- eye-view of projects, and quickly identify and mitigate risks

  • Easy workload monitoring through Gantt charts with integrated calendar, that allow advanced project scheduling and recalibration

  • Efficient query resolution management through automated reminders

  • Micro-scheduling facility to schedule projects in batches or chapters

  • Easy and intuitive interface to track queries from third parties