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The digital economy has brought with it some interesting opportunities that are disrupting the traditional content production and distribution methodologies. Content producers are faced with both a challenging and an interesting landscape brought about by digital-first consumers that seek quick access to content on their preferred device.

Integra’s cloud-based workflow solution suite is a set of content production and workflow management products designed specifically for publishers to manage their multi-channel publishing requirements. Each of the products are modular in nature and built to provide significant benefits in terms of:

  • accelerating speed of publication
  • maintaining a high standard of quality through the workflow
  • increasing overall efficiency of the production cycle
  • keeping operational costs down

Optimize your publishing workflow performance with smarter, agile, and accurate solution from Integra.

Integra’s Publishing Workflow Platform products

Freelancer management
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Language Correction
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Project Management
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Asset management
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iLancer – Freelancer management

Integra’s iLancer solution helps you effectively connect, onboard, collaborate with, and assign work to freelance publishing talents worldwide. iLancer offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for publishers to manage all aspects of freelance engagement such as skill level evaluation, assigning work, engaging freelancers and issuing invoices.

iLancer – Product Features

  1. Onboarding

Get freelancers onboard with Integra’s iLancer platform by signing them up for projects.

  • Automated selection based on experience, expertise, and domicile
  • Easy and hassle-free sign-up process for hirer/freelancer
  • Pre-onboarding process followed by freelancer assessment and certification
  • Customizable account setup with profile upload
  1. Managing

Manage the project workflow by inviting available freelancers, select freelancers, provide project specifications, assign work and invite them to discuss the specifics of the project.

  • View calendar of freelancers to assess their availability
  • Plan job execution and conduct an open bidding for selecting available freelancers
  • Assign job either manually or through an automated process
  1. Reporting

Create various reports for each individual freelancer based on skill levels, expertise, and experience in similar projects, review performance at each project stage and settle payment.

  • Filter and view your list of freelancers based on project requirements
  • Monitor progress by viewing live work status
  • View ratings and payment status
  1. Financials

Settle payments to freelancers after satisfactory work completion. Invoice generation and managing payments in multiple currencies for global freelancers are taken care of here.

  • Create work order for projects with payment details
  • Generate invoice for making payments
  • Manage compliance for making payments in multiple currencies

iCorrectProof – Language & Grammar Correction

iCorrectProof is a cloud-based author-proofing system to review and proof online and incorporate corrections providing a competitive edge to your business. It detects and corrects errors including grammar and spelling, checks word count, and more. It can be customized based on your publishing requirement, reducing the cost of typesetting by 10%.

  • Quality: Improved quality because corrections will not be missed by the compositor. Improved quality at all proof review stages
  • Speed: Production timeline for journals significantly reduced with reduced turnaround time (TAT)
  • Proof Preview: Authors can preview the changes and give approval to the proof quickly which will facilitate speed to market.
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive design and user-friendly interface.
  • Integrity: Integrity of XML is maintained through the stages

iCorrectProof – Product Features

  1. Customize, collaborate, and implement

iCorrectProof is business ready and can be customized and implemented to suit any publishing requirement. Collaborate with teams with ease and make changes online or offline, and at any time. iProof can be used by one or more reviewers to comment, approve or reject versions, and collaborate anytime and anywhere.

  1. Boost Productivity, content and reviewing

With top notch features, editing and reviewing documents is easy. Not only does it check for grammar and typing errors, it also suggests changes that a line, paragraph or document needs. It helps reduce cost of typesetting by 10% and overall turnaround time. It works with all proprietary and free- word processors and spreadsheets. It fulfils all needs and no other editing tool is required.

  1. Solves editorial challenges, giving a competitive edge

With advanced algorithms, iCorrectProof solves many editorial challenges, allowing publishers across publishing ecosystem to keep editing burden off their back and concentrate on what they do best and compete within an evolving competitive landscape, all while enhancing their editorial offerings.

  1. Cloud based, Integrated, scalable

iCorrectProof is a cloud-based solution and can be used anywhere, its also upgradeable online. It’s easily integrated with all of Integra’s publishing workflow platform solutions and third-party applications. The tool is subject and topic independent— meaning it works fine on all subjects, English language variants and topics. Available in one user and multiple user formats.

iPMP – Project Management

iPMP is Integra’s Project Management Planning tool that combines end-to-end services like planning, production, collaboration, approval, and delivery for expert handling of content production. It significantly increases, simplifies, and improves productivity among all departments.

  • Improve productivity by 15% for publisher’s in-house production management team
  • Provide instant access to complete project management with immediate results and suggestions to change
  • Facilitate integration with all of Integra’s publishing workflow tools and other third-party legacy tools so that all your information is centralized
  • Based on needs live dashboards can be opened up for real time project tracking
  • On-time reporting and quality of communication.

iAM – Asset Management

Integra’s Asset Management platform (iAM) is a cloud based system for managing photo research and text permissions workflow. It tracks photo demographic information – gender, ethnicities, and disabilities. The system is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and can maintain all the image data with the provision to review Rich Media.

  • Reduced time in the photo acquisitions and permissions management process
  • Collaborative workflow providing transparency to the process. Queue based system with roles assigned for reviewers. Eliminates the need of maintaining and tracking all rights related information using excel and other means
  • Easy access for client review from web-based system, resulting in fewer meetings
  • Captures and provides all metadata, credit information, and budget and status information in real time

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