Demystifying the role of AI in Learning Management

What are the core essentials that define an effective learning management system? Intuitiveness. Intelligence. Personalization. Let’s assume that for these aspects to come together seamlessly, we would need an augmenting force that is advanced in function, yet basic in form. An interesting possibility that offers promise to address this point is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI could well be that catalyzing force to deliver an advanced level of sophistication to existing learning management systems. AI’s digital, dynamic nature opens opportunities for building personalized student engagement and immersive learning experiences that cannot be found in traditional e-learning environments. AI can be leveraged to automate low-level tasks and shift focus to a learner-centered [...]

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5 Ways in which AI Can Revolutionize the Publishing Industry

The decade that went by has witnessed the spectacular rise of digital publishing, print-on-demand, and the independent author movement. To feed this explosive growth, several technologies and tools have been gaining traction. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is particularly promising in that it looks to be the next big disruptor in the publishing field.  Let’s take a closer look at how AI is going to create a strong impact on the publishing industry: Reading into the Future: Predictive Analytics By using complex algorithms and rigorous methods of current and historical data analysis to make predictions on the future of readers’ behavior, AI can automate data forecasts to a significant extent. By [...]

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XR in Learning

Do a quick Google search with the key words extended reality (AR/VR) and learning and development, and you will see an overwhelming number of articles promising a gazillion possibilities. Taken at face value this might lead to a superficial conclusion, but the fact that there’s so much potential in this area is indeed interesting and sparks further discussion. Barely three years ago, the sweeping phenomenon known as Pokémon Go had everyone raving about the power of augmented reality (AR).  In mere weeks it had become a global phenomenon, with millions of active users taking to it quite naturally. So what does this tell us? Novel possibilities within the realm [...]

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10 Signs You Need a Freelancer Management System for your Business

In a business world that is by and large becoming global in character and form, remote working seems to have picked up quite some steam, and with good reason. With freelancing on the rise, organizations today are keen on getting cross-functional teams to work on contract-based projects to tap the potential of specific talents and skill sets optimally. However, considering the haphazard nature of freelancing, it’s crucial for organizations to systematize the onboarding, collaboration, and payment systems. By implementing a comprehensive freelancer management system, one can get a lot of tasks on track and streamline complex processes efficiently. So what are the pain points that point to the likelihood [...]

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Integra awarded Most Innovative Digital Content Solutions Firm 2018 at Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards

Setting the stage for success Integra is happy, proud, and abuzz with enthusiasm on receiving the most Innovative Digital Content Solutions Firm 2018 by the Acquisition International Global Excellence Awards. Rightfully conferred with the accolade  CEO Sriram Subramanya speaks about the promising journey Integra has undertaken and the innovation-driven foresight it has gained over the years. Here are some of the highlights from his interview with the magazine. Creating new benchmarks with content and technology solutions Having been in the digital publishing space for a while now, Integra has been at the forefront of innovation by helping publishers adopt complete digital transformation with a well-equipped approach, driven by research and [...]

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Publishing has witnessed some very interesting and disruptive transformation over the years. In today’s digital landscape, the publishing industry is fast moving from a book-based product model to a services-based business model. Moreover, technological advancements have brought with them multitudes of opportunities and possibilities in learning and publishing. Technological advancement isn’t complete without bringing in the term Artificial intelligence (AI). Before we continue, let us quickly break AI down for you: AI helps in building systems that can carry out intelligent tasks. Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the two subsets of AI. While ML helps in building systems that can learn from experience, NLP helps in [...]

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