Superlative Engineering for the Future

At Integra, we help organizations explore possibilities of technology through digital transformation and the benefits they bring in. We do so with a combination of a team of expert software developers, innovation-led business processes and tools. From large scale digital transformation projects to immersive application development using XR technology or setting up DevOps as your extended tech capacity, we have covered it all.

Agile Transformation

We help our customers with complexities of business agility and develop mature capabilities to disrupt markets” Integra’s Agile Transformation is designed to increase the pace of businesses in the face of increased competition. Today the markets n…

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Cloud Native Services

We take you to the Cloud At Integra, we offer a holistic development approach to cloud transformation and adoption, which accelerates clients’ move to digital ways of doing business, through customised and flexible hosting solutions. We offer advi…

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Mobile application development and interactivities

Today rapid app development is in vogue because of the need for the services has grown robust. Despite this, rapid scalability, industrialized production and potentiality is still essential and smaller boutique mobile application shops cannot prov…

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Application Customization, Modernization and Transformation

It is our endeavour to transform your legacy applications to make them more agile and efficient with the power of new-age IT. We help you with reducing the massive costs around operations, making your business lean and create better strategic and …

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Holisitic UX

At Integra, we create and deliver delightful, intelligent, and effective design solutions that factor in the end user of a platform. Our design interventions enlighten, inspire, and provoke businesses to find their own next best innovation, and ou…

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Test Automation

Team Integra leverages automation to ensure quality for business organisation, reduce QA timelines, and give you a competitive edge in today’s complex ecosystem of legacy and modern platforms. Our Selenium-based solution is designed to engineer qu…

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API and Integration Development

Good API’S allow software application and programs as one component to interact well with each other. Businesses today are more than aware of the powerful impact of APIs on their revenue. This why, not surprisingly, many organisations are looking …

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Building Solutions with AI, we are leading the conversation with application development services leverage automation tools to improve overall productivity, efficiency and cost effective solution for the customer’s business needs. Automation tools…

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Sample Projects Showcase

Web-based video library

For one of the world’s leading education services companies that is at the forefront of offering digital learning solutions across multiple education segments, we helped build the a WCAG 2.0 AA compliant platform for managing high quality video assets.

E-book delivery and admin portal

For one of Europe’s leading information services organisation, we developed a multi-device compatible E-books subscription and delivery platform – a single platform through with admins manage delivery and subscription packages and users access their content.

Image asset management library

For a multi-billion dollar global enterprise, providing learning solutions, we built a web-based platform to manage their huge repository of image assets – with search, retrieval, image comparisons, DRM, metadata maintenance and tagging capabilities.